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Enhance your Meetings in the office or online with Acoustic Pods

Add a bit of private space to your open plan office. 

Acoustic Pods are perfect for sensitive phone calls, working on confidential documents, or just a bit of peace and quiet.

Acoustic pods are enclosed, soundproof spaces designed to provide individuals or small groups with a quiet and private environment for work, meetings, collaboration, or relaxation within open office environments or educational settings. These acoustic pods are often equipped with features to enhance acoustic insulation and create a comfortable and productive workspace.

Watch the video below to learn more about Soundproofing & Acoustics;

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Enjoy the benefits of choosing Acoustic Pods with Cavan

When you purchase an Acoustic Pod from Cavan, you can be rest assured you are purchasing an acoustic pod from one of Australia's leading office furniture manufacturers.


Perfect for open plan offices and educational setting

Cavan's acoustic meeting pods are ideal for open plan offices where sound travels easily around the space.

These sound proof pods allow a private space for users to engage in meetings without causing interruptions to other users in their office.

Our meeting pods Australia are also ideal for educational facilities such as libraries where users can engage in study or online tutorials whilst not inconveniencing fellow students and staff.


Acoustic Solutions for Every Need and Space in the Office

Cavan can offer an acoustic office pod Australia as part of a complete office Acoustic Interior Solution.

These can further be paired with Acoustic Dividers that create partitions in an office while absorbing noise, Screens to enhance privacy between users or Vertical Gardens that act as partitions while simultaneously adding life and colour to an office or learning environment.




Are the Acoustic Pods Assembled to Order?

Our standard pricing on our webstore is based off delivery only for our Acoustic Pods, so would then require assembly on site. 

If you require Installation please Contact Us so we can discuss a delivery and installation solution to suit your needs for meeting pods Australia.

What is Cavan's return policy for Acoustic Pods?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on an Acoustic Meeting Pod purchase after supply (unless in the case of faulty product).

If you are unsure on the best option to suit your space and requirements, please Contact Us directly so we can assist you and ensure your purchasing decision is an informed one.

Let us help you choose the best Acoustic Pod or Sound Proof Pods for your needs.

View our Returns Policy for acoustic office pods Australia here

Are Customisation options available for any or all of Cavan's Acoustic Pods?

We can assist in providing custom options for our acoustic meeting pods or sound proof pods, such as non-standard colours..

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements further.