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Add a Desk Hob to convert any Rapid Worker or Rapid Span desk to a Reception Counter

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Desk hobs, also known as reception hobs, are additional storage units placed on top of desks to provide extra storage space and organization.

Here are some key features and characteristics of desk hobs:

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  1. Additional Storage: Desk hobs are designed to maximize vertical space and provide additional storage options in the workspace. 

  2. Organization: Desk hobs help keep the workspace organized by providing designated storage areas for different items. Users can easily access frequently used items while keeping the desktop clutter-free and unobstructed.

  3. Space-Saving Design: Desk hobs are a space-saving solution, especially for smaller workspaces where floor space is limited. By utilizing the vertical space above the desk, they free up valuable desktop space for working and other activities.

  4. Convenience: Desk hobs provide convenient access to frequently used items, keeping them within arm's reach while working. Users can easily grab pens, notepads, reference materials, and other essentials without having to search through drawers or cabinets.

  5. Easy Installation: Desk hobs are typically designed for easy installation and attachment to compatible desks. They may come with mounting brackets, hardware, or adhesive strips for secure and stable placement on top of the desk.

In summary, desk hobs are versatile and practical accessories that add storage, organization, and functionality to desks and workspaces.

With their space-saving design, customization options, and convenience features, desk hobs help create efficient and productive work environments tailored to individual needs and preferences.