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A lectern is a piece of furniture typically used in public speaking engagements, presentations, lectures, and religious ceremonies.

It serves as a platform for speakers to place their notes, books, or electronic devices, providing a convenient and organized space from which to deliver their message.

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Shop Lecterns in Australia with Cavan

Cavan offer Mobile Lecterns (also know as a a classroom podium lectern) for use in Educational and Office spaces - with castors for mobility and shelving for storage of notes and folders.

They can also offer adjustable heights to suit individual speakers.

We can offer off the shelf or Custom options to suit you and your unique requirements.

Perfect for the office or Classroom

Our Lecterns are suitable for any Classroom or Office environment where presentations, lectures or other ceremonies are performed.

We can supply these individually, or as part of an overall Fit Out for your space.

Cavan also offers Display & Planner Boards that can assist with providing the best possible presentation, as well as seating for students.

Cavan can offer a classroom podium lectern for you.



Modern Lectern Designs shipped direct to your doorstep

Our Lecterns offer streamlined and modern looks to match current trends in furniture and decor - Although we can offer a more classic look if you prefer!

Cavan can also offer adaptable Lecterns that can also be utilised as a desk, therefore offering greater value and flexibility for your purchase investment.

Our lectern podiums can then be shipped direct to your site promptly - we can also assist with installation.



How long does Cavan's Lectern shipping take?

This will depend on the option you go for - a standard 'off the shelf' these will typically dispatch in 2-3 days from our relevant warehouse.

However, if you prefer a customised option, manufacturing lead time is typically 4-6 weeks from receipt of order, subject to component availability and workload with our production team at that time.


Can we return Lecterns after purchasing if we have a change of mind?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on a Lectern purchase after supply.

If you are unsure on the best option to suit your space and requirements, please Contact Us directly so we can assist you and ensure your purchasing decision is an informed one.

Let us help you choose the best Lecterns Australia for your needs.

View our Returns Policy here


Can Cavan's Lecterns and Podiums be Customisable?

We can definitely offer customised solutions for all of your Lectern podium needs!

Whether it be LED lighting, AV/Power integration, Branding or a unique style or colour, we can work with you to provide a solution that will meet your needs.


Lecterns serve as a focal point for speakers, allowing them to deliver their message confidently and effectively to their audience.

Cavan can offer Lecterns Australia to suit any requirements.