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Shop Classroom Partitions and Dividers with Cavan

Add Privacy and Noise Reduction to your classroom or office with Cavan's range of Classroom Partitions.

Classroom partitions refer to dividers or screens used to separate space within a classroom environment.

These partitions serve various purposes, including creating separate areas for different activities, reducing distractions, providing privacy, and improving acoustics.

Cavan can offer both portable Glassboard and Whiteboard dividers that can be linked together to form any shape.

We can also offer Acoustic Interior Solutions that can be tailored to your individual requirements.

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Find your Ideal Classroom Dividers with Cavan

Here at Cavan, we can help you to find a Classroom Divider that will perfectly complement your educational space.

Our Classroom Paritions offer surface that can be re-writeable, or pinnable for posting up important class notes and information.


Versatile & Movable Classroom Partitions for Every Learning Space

Using Cavan's Mobile Classroom Dividers, you can easily create your ideal learning environment for any given tasks or activities.

They can also help to reduce distractions for students by creating both a visual and sound barrier.


FAQs about Classroom Partitions


This will depend on the option you choouse - our Classroom Partitions will typically dispatch in 2-3 days from our relevant warehouse.

However, if you prefer a Custom option then production lead time is typically 4-6 weeks from placement of order.

If there are any issues with availability Cavan will contact you promptly to discuss lead times, and offer alternatives if needed.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on a Classroom Divider purchase after supply (except in the case of a damaged or faulty item).

If you are unsure on the best option to suit your space and requirements, please Contact Us directly so we can assist you and ensure your Movable Classroom Partitions purchasing decision is an informed one.

Let us help you choose the best Classroom Dividers for your needs. View our Returns Policy here.

Yes, the Castors (Wheels) on our Movable Classroom Partitions are lockable, so they can be held in place during use.